Lookhatme aims to preserve the femininity and beauty of women by offering a dignified and elegant alternative to wearing a wig.​​​​​​​

Lookhatme is a collection of turbans, hats, bandannas, caps, berets, chèches, and scarves, adapted to alopecia (total hair loss). You will find the strength of our creations in our thermoregulating linings sewn in sheaths (invisible seams), made of 2 types of fabrics, whose mesh benefits from the oeko-tex label:

Thermo°Cool™, recently renamed Coolmax® by Invista, is a mesh that allows the regulation of moisture: tests confirm that Thermo° Cool clothes dry very quickly (unlike viscose and especially bamboo) allowing to evacuate perspiration to the outside of the fabric.

Thanks to the evaporation of moisture, the turban remains dry, so it is much more pleasant and comfortable to wear on the skin. ​​​​​​​

Cotton Comfort® on the other hand, is a cotton that has the power to drain moisture and allow the cotton to dry faster.