Lookhatme aims to preserve the femininity and beauty of women by offering a dignified and elegant alternative to wearing a wig.
Lookhatme is a company that makes elegant headwear for women. Whatever the reason may be for covering your head, Lookhatme offers you a wide range of comfortable, fashionable and original headwear.

Lookhatme consists of a small team of women eager to present a fine looking collection all year long.  Every member of this team has her own talents, aesthetic preferences and cultural background.  The mix of all these individual know-hows allows Lookhatme to constantly improve the designs. This lively cooperation results in a never-ending collection that changes throughout the seasons and shifts according to the newest fashion trends.  A collection that relentlessly strives to achieve the pinnacle of convenience and elegance, a collection of headwear that is versatile, colourful, stylish and comfortable.