A highly upgraded bandana.  Easy to put on: the long end is wrapped around the head and tied with a simple knot.  Depending on your outfit you create a casual or more distinguished look. The subtle volume makes it elegant and practical at the same time. perfect for sporting activities.  Themo°Cool resist to chloor so ideal and elegant headwear for at the swimmingpool. 
  • Genre: bandana
    colour: available in different colours
    fabric: Thermo°Cool
     size:  general size.  adjustable. 
    washing instructions: washing at 100° is possible.  chloor-resistant.
Hélène Comfort Cotton

This helene has more volume than her twinsister in Thermo°Cool.  Besides that just as comfortable and easy-going.  For lovers of soft coton and a casual look.
    • Genre: bandana
      fabric: Comfort Coton
       size:  general size. adjustable
      washing instructions: 30° 
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